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Victoria Bartlett Creates Latex Trench Coats and Skin Suits For VPL’s Fall 2011 Collection

Feb 13 2011 - 11:09pm

>> Victoria Bartlett found inspiration inside the body, deep down to the umbilical cords, for her VPL Fall 2011 collection, which ebbed and flowed between draped silhouettes and more sculptural pieces. Inspired by artists Piero Manzoni and Joseph Beuys for their multi-textural sculptures, Bartlett created languid one-shoulder jersey dresses, leather tops, latex trench coats, textured jackets, angular boiled wool skirts, along with nylon accordion-pleated pieces inspired by Dustin Yellin to replicate her idea of hard and soft, or what she calls “stretch and fold.” The designer also experimented with warmer hues like deer, wood, iron oxide, gold, and orange, counteracted with cooler options such as aluminum and steel. Bartlett’s undergarments, some almost completely see-through, were another success garnering major applause from onlookers in the stands.

On the accessories front, Bartlett once again collaborated with LD Tuttle for footwear, this time creating a range of tucked and folded platform boots. Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer designed the chain and latex belts and wrapped necklaces to mimic umbilical cords, and Brian Crumley created the chunky latex cuffs.

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