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Fash's Friday Obsessions! Chill-Busters

Fash's Friday Obsessions! Chill-Busters

>> It's chilly in our neck of the woods so all we really want is a little bit of warmth. We're hoping this hand-painted glass eye bracelet from Vanessa Kandiyoti will keep us protected from Winter's worst, while a cozy cardi from Marc by Marc Jacobs and super thick hand salve from Kiehl's are guaranteed to insulate. More picks from Jerome Dreyfuss and Juicy Couture to alleviate your cold weather worries!

Left to right: Marc by Marc Jacobs Quinn Cardigan Sweater ($358), Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve ($13), Juicy Couture Gloves ($22, originally $55), Jerome Dreyfuss Billy Bag ($858), Vanessa Kandiyoti Glass Eye Bracelet ($840), Heatmax Handwarmers Value Pack ($8)


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