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12 Horrifying Moments Every Fashion Girl Can Appreciate

Jan 26 2016 - 5:00am

There's a distinct pleasure that comes with truly loving and appreciating fashion — but with that comes a unique pain that even your closest friends and family can't understand. They'll never get the plight of a missed sample sale or the sadness that comes with realizing your favorite leather pants are way, way too tight. Fortunately, we do. As fashion girls ourselves, we fully relate to all the milestones and the misfortunes, so scroll through 12 of the worst things to happen to fashion girls and know that you're never alone.

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Realizing your favorite pants have gotten way too tight.

Seeing another friend's personal style blog just take off.

Trying out Birkenstocks and getting mixed reviews from your friends.

Seeing everyone posting their Fashion Week photos on Instagram.

Having your fashion choices questioned by your significant other.

Missing out on the latest H&M collaboration after it sells out.

Finding the perfect dress . . . but not in your size.

Ruining your brand-new shoes in the rain.

Finding out you and some girl wore the same dress to the same party.

Getting caught up in an eBay bidding war . . . over designer socks.

Realizing you totally can't afford those new Isabel Marant booties.

. . . but buying them anyway.

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