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Be Prepared For Brunch: All the Style News Your Friends Will Be Talking About

May 4 2014 - 5:00am

Showing up to a meeting with your posse and sitting slack-jawed as they dive into a discussion over the week's biggest stories is disconcerting, to say the least. Sometimes, though, it's hard to avoid if you're coming off a busy week. We're here to help you cheat with a superspeedy catch-up on the news and pictures your girlfriends are going to be dishing on. Scroll through to see the top 10 pieces that'll have you up to speed in a jiffy.

Sources: Getty [1] and photo courtesy of Mary Katrantzou

H&M Is Ready to Wow

When we realized how amazing the dress selection at H&M had gotten [2], we had to share with our Facebook audience.

Photo courtesy of H&M

A Fashion No-No Got the Sex-Bomb Treatment

Whatever you've heard about wearing denim on denim, forget it. Kim Kardashian paired matching rinses in Paris [3], and our Facebook fans handed over their verdict: it was sexy.

The Dress That You Can't Get Over

We've been in love with this perfect $150 cocktail dress [4] for a while now, and there's some very good news for our Pinterest community: it's been restocked, so you can still get one!

Photo courtesy of Maggy London

A Buzzy Designer Tries Bridal

The name Mary Katrantzou carries some serious fashion weight, but until now, no connections with bridal. That changed (and Facebook approved!) when she created a custom gown for a friend's wedding [5].

Photo courtesy of Mary Katrantzou

Outfit Inspiration Abounds

The change of seasons can make outfit-planning a touch tricky, causing fashion fans to turn to Pinterest for inspiration. We're happy to oblige with looks perfect for whatever climate you're dealing with [6].

We're Thinking Yellow

The Twitter world is already buying tickets for Walk of Shame, and we're planning our outfits — cute yellow dresses [7].

Photo courtesy of Net-a-Porter.com

Here's to a Very '90s Childhood

Facebook was feeling a bit nostalgic, clearly, as they paid close attention to the trends from your '90s childhood that you should start rewearing [8].

True Life: I Wore Tevas

With the rise of sporty (and comfortable) sandals in the fashion-sphere, Twitter is wondering: what's it like to actually wear a pair out [9]?

Source: Randy Miller

Pics to Show Off Your Dress

Whether planning a wedding [10] or just loving pretty dresses, Pinterest has been loving our ideas for gorgeous photos to show off your gown [11].

Photo by Thomas Steibl [12] via Style Me Pretty [13]

The Latest Denim Craze

Our style talk show covered everything vital [14], including the latest denim trend to sweep Hollywood, and Twitter paid attention.

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