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Why These Women Are Talking Sh*t About Your Hometown

Jul 31 2014 - 4:30am

As the song goes: getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Well, we are definitely getting to know quite a bit about women across this great country thanks to the friendly guides of Reddit [1]. For example, were you aware that there is a severe epidemic of monograms in Tennessee? Neither did we! And while we know the stereotype that New Yorkers wear too much black to be true, we never imagined a few miles north, our beloved leather jackets might be considered "overdressed." Live and learn, and you're about to get some serious learning.

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New York City

"All black all the time. Even in summer. I love black, but I also love colors and it feels like I stand out so much on the street when I'm dressed brightly." — Reddit user Jlop818 [3]


"SO. MANY. STRAW FEDORAS." — Reddit user 12cats [4]

Silicon Valley

"Ugh. Just. Ugh. I mean I get it, tech companies they want to a different corporate culture, and one that's more casual and whatnot. But there's a difference between casual and gross/sloppy." — Reddit user rd_trude [5]


"Frasier and Niles would be so pissed." — Reddit user bethlookner [6]

Source: NBC [7]


". . . monogrammed EVER.Y.THING. Bathing suits, tote bags, boots." — Reddit user raspberrygalaxy [8]

Upstate New York

"I felt too overdressed even when I was just wearing a nice leather jacket." — Reddit user prosummobono [9]


"Oh god, the crappy bling cowgirl stuff. Hate it. It's the bane of every boutique on Texas I swear." — Reddit user Ripped_My_Knickers [10]


"Dear Boston: Sports apparel is not appropriate for all functions. Not everything needs to be emblazoned with the Red Sox 'B.' Especially at fine dining establishments." — Reddit user Simms85 [11]


"I love Lilly Pulitzer as much as the next girl here, but putting bows on everything, wearing chevrons everywhere, mint or peach colored clothes, and just the general 'cheap boutique' look . . . drives me nuts. Also, Confederate flags on clothes. This is really a thing." — Reddit user iwontmakeyoursammich [12]


"Why in the world do grown people think it is ok to wear pajama bottoms in public?! . . . Hello Kitty pj bottoms on a 40 year old woman at 2 in the afternoon in the grocery store. Don't give up on life, people. Don't wear the pjs in public." — Reddit user lgfromks [13]


". . . what strikes me is that it seems that everyone here wears clothes that are a size too small. I'm not a slim woman, but at least I know that the fit is more important than the number." — Reddit user -oligodendrocyte- [14]


". . . You can be modest and still be stylish. You can show your shoulders and not got to Hell." — Reddit user Memithezombiekiller [15]


"I do not understand summer scarves in Texas. I get that they're a lighter fabric but every piece of clothing that isn't essential is one more thing making you sweat more." — Reddit user beansley01 [16]

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