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Forget Juicy Couture, It's All About Tutu Couture

Forget Juicy Couture, It's All About Tutu Couture

In case you haven't heard the latest brewing ground for the next crop of fashion designers is not Saint Martins or F.I.T., it is New York toy store FAO Schwartz. I'm not kidding. Did you see my earlier post about FAO's Fashion Show Party? While a $25,000 fashion design party is a twelve-year-old girl's dream come true, what about the privileged six-year-old princess? FAO has them covered too.

Tutu Couture by FAO Schwartz is a special online boutique where you can design your very own Tutu, and the seamstresses at Tutu Couture will hand-make it for you. You can choose from different Tutu lengths and colors, and add adornments such as rhinestones, pom poms and flowers. The handmade Tutu is delivered in four weeks and prices range from $55-$95. Any recipient of one of these sure is a lucky little ballerina!


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