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Glitterati: Anna Beck

The Anna Beck jewelry line is now popular with the likes of Cameron, Paris, and Kirsten, but it wasn't always that easy.

It all started out with L.A.-based designer Becky Hosmer losing her dot-com job in 1999 and taking the opportunity to travel through Southeast Asia. While vacationing, Becky discovered a jewelry technique in Bali called Armadillo, which gives pieces a textured, three-dimensional quality, as seen on the earrings at left. She officially started her Anna Beck line three years ago, and it has become so popular that she's beginning to start experimenting with stones. As long as she keeps the Armadillo technique - I love how it looks, especially on the two-tone piece below!

The line is available at Anna Beck's online store, and runs from $78 to $400.

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77gp $60


93kg $44 93LGP $55


85g $140

5L $49 5k $43

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