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Gossip Girl Blake Lively at End-of-Summer Bash in the Hamptons

How Would YOU Wear It? Blake Lively

Every fashion follower is bound to have a momentary lapse of judgment, and that moment has come for Gossip Girl Blake Lively. The actress had us scratching our heads when she showed up to a party in the Hamptons in this monochrome outfit. All-white can be crisp and refreshing, but here it's tacky.

If I were Blake's stylist, I would have ridded her of those unflattering white pants and thrown on a slimming black pair. I would have cut off the side tie that accompanies the blouse as it's too much with the ruffles. On her feet, I would have recommended fun metallic sandals so as to let the blouse do the dazzling. How would YOU wear it?


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