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Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz: Episode 4 (Bad News Blair)

Is it me or was last night's episode of Gossip Girl the best so far?! There was a big emphasis on fashion, with Blair's mother's photo shoot, and Blair and Serena were giddy girlfriends again. Oh to be young and rich! While I wasn't really feeling the poker game scandal with the boys, I did get a kick out of Chuck's basketball getup. The final scene where the girls steal the mom's clothes to get back at her un-motherly conduct then they go and do their own photo shoot around NYC was a fun little montage. Also, if you were coveting any of the mother's designs don't forget they are actually the designs of Lorick — we've got the inside scoop for you! As Gossip Girl herself says: "xoxo."

Photos courtesy of The CW

Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz: Episode 4 (Bad News Blair)

Which department store was potentially picking up Blair's mother's clothing line?

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