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Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz: "You’ve Got Yale!"

Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz: "You’ve Got Yale!"

A night at the opera can never be a quiet night on Gossip Girl. All the events of the hour led up to a dramatic evening of ball gowns and sharp suits. The impending question of college resurfaced with acceptances and rejections from Yale. Serena was faced with the challenge of introspection and came to the realization that Yale isn't her cup of tea. Blair, on the other hand, is beyond obsessed and proved she will stop at nothing to get into her school of choice. Meanwhile, Lily steps in in an attempt to help Chuck decide his future and in turn Chuck saves Lily from doom. The happiest bits of this week's episode were the out-in-the-open affection between Lily and Rufus — yay. Let's see if you picked up on the fashion nuances.

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Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz: "You’ve Got Yale!"

Blair's black neck tie had what for a pin?


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