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Handbag Designer Andrea Brueckner

Handbag Designer Andrea Brueckner

One last piece of current season love we haven't dished out from our Island Life photo shoot is that slim, neon clutch. In the photo the clutch, by designer Andrea Brueckner, looks bright yellow, but that 'ol Holga Robert Malmberg uses, knows how to keep a few secrets. In truth the clutch is more of the acid green variety and the leather is super soft and buttery. We have to say, the handbag is really well-made, and though we aren't really clutch toting chicsters, we kind of fell for this one. Brueckner, the Canadian beauty who (as far as we can tell) models in all of her own look books, learned her craft from her years working closely with bespoke tailor, Craig Robinson. Brueckner's bags are said to reflect that experience and we have to say, judging by the clutch we received, we can tell she knows a thing or two about making quality products. Below, some of her current season bags from JCMadison.


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