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Handy & Chic Wedding Organizers

Handy & Chic Wedding Organizers

Not all of us are born Monica Gellers. That is, organization freaks. I am more of an anal Monica when it comes to getting organized, but I have friends all over the organization spectrum so I know it's a struggle for some. Now that you're engaged, things are going to start to feel overwhelming. It is key to stay organized, to prevent unnecessary stress. You're supposed to enjoy this exciting time of your life!

Here are a few handy & chic wedding organizers to help you along the way. Keep all your proposals, price lists, magazine clippings, everything and anything wedding related in these. Another cool way to stay organized even after the big day has come and gone is by creating a wedding website. Lastly, remember: deep breaths!

Maddie Totes was founded by a wedding planner who felt that carrying all her wedding things in a white binder was boring and finding a bag big enough to carry this binder while looking chic was impossible. So she designed a Tote shaped perfectly for your wedding planning Binder, with enough space for your essentials too. The coordinated Memento Box can collect loose items like fabric swatches and store keepsakes such as your invitations. The Tote is $69 and the Tote, Binder. Memento box set is $119.

To see a couple more organizer ideas,

The Organized Bride® Tickled Pink Collection. This is the organizer for the Type A bride who is super organized! Available in Block or Script monogram and lettering the Organized Bride® Tickled Pink Collection contains the Classic Tote, Binder, Organizer, Portfolio, Journal, and is $69 for the Collection; you can also buy items separately.

If you're more of a DIY bride, or are planning a smaller wedding, visit See Jane Work for colorful and funky binders and folders. You can decide what you need - and I love this company! It's a favorite amongst craftsters so have fun with it.

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