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Harry Winston Red Carpet Jewelry

See the Harry Winston Diamonds Worn by Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Sofia Vergara, and More!

From Gwyneth Paltrow's 1999 Oscar princess-necklace-and-pink-dress combo, to Sofia Vergara's diamond bracelets at the 2012 Golden Globes, to Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, and all the A-list celebs in between, Harry Winston has been behind some of our favorite red-carpet jewelry moments. Join us as we take a trip to the iconic Fifth Avenue salon and get a glimpse of all the gorgeous diamonds these lovely ladies have worn throughout the years. Find out what they really cost, and see what we might expect this Sunday at the 2012 Oscars.

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Hi, it's Allison McNamara. And in today's Fab Flash, we're at Harry Winston where we're taking you up close and personal with some of the amazing jewels celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, and Sofia Vergara have worn on the red carpet. So, today, I'm here with Meredith Keller from Harry Winston. Hello. Hi. Thanks for coming in. Thank you for having us. And she's going to tell us all about these amazing jewels. But first, tell me about Harry Winston here on Fifth Avenue. Well, Harry Winston was founded in New York in 1932, and we've been in this particular building that you're in since 1960. It's just really a magical place, all here to see the beautiful jewelry like we have for you today. So, what's Harry Winston's philosophy on accessories and jewelry. Well, Harry Winston used to say, "If I could, I'd attach the diamonds directly to a woman's skin. It should move along with the wearer when she's gliding down a red carpet, when she's going up to receive her Oscar, the two should almost be one and the same." So, walk me through these amazing jewels. This was the one worn by Gwyneth Paltrow in 1999. it is our princess necklace. Why was it such a good look for her? You think of that look that -- that Grace Kelly look. It was very regal so having that that beautiful necklace framing her face, and her beautiful long neck and that was something that was really glamorous and really special. And also the fact that her father purchased it for her. And she also won the Oscars. And she won the Oscars which makes it a really memorable night. Okay, tell me about this bracelet up here. This bracelet is called our Carpet bracelet. Wow, it's amazing! Very much like a red carpet, the way that it kind of flexes and fits along with you. Oh my gosh! And how much was something like this cost? Well, this particular bracelet has about 400 individual diamond and it's around half million. So, it you think of this, we had Halle Berry wearing just stacks of them, last year at the Golden Globes. She had almost two million dollars stacked on her wrists, Oh my gosh. Which was just an amazing, amazing moment for jewelry. Oh, wait, so these double bracelets were worn by Sofia Vergara? Okay. Yes, Sofia Vergara wore these at the Golden Globes, this past January. Now, those are different from the ones you just showed me, they kind of have more detailing in the middle. They do have detailing. This particular collection is inspired by different costumes and different styles of dress that women wear around the world, which makes it a perfect occasion for the red carpet, when you're really focusing on the how much would something like that cost? Combined, they're around a million and a half, but what's really a nicely put together is the way that the textures work for a much more dimensional and unique look. Now these are special, too. Weren 't these worn by Natalie Portman? These were, this is a different way to look at pairing different bracelets together in a stack. So you have our sunflower bracelet, which is also similar to what I'm wearing. The Vine bracelet, Harry Winston is very much inspired by nature, so you'll see a lot of natural references. Okay. And then just a very clean, simple vintage bangle what she paired together for a memorable but delicate look. Is there a trick to mixing these bracelet styles? It depends on the wearer. It depends on the look that they're going for. In something like Natalie's case, there is an opportunity to create a lot of texture and much delicate in a much -- more delicate and refined scale whereas with Sofia, she had that beautiful Vera Wang dress and really wanted to complement it with a strong statement look of two thicker bracelets. So, we also have one of my favorite actresses, Michelle Williams, who's nominated for an Oscar this year and was also nominated last year. Yes. So, tell me about why these worked so well with her dress. Well these are our sunflower earrings. Their diamonds really elevate any occasion. It can be ordinary to the extraordinary. And even the small amount will do. And these earrings are very similar to the ones that Anne Hathaway wore in 2008. Sometimes you just need that perfect diamond drop you're wearing to really compliment the look. We've seen this with Anne Hathaway and also with Sandra Bullock last year although she had 5 karat earring studs which is really quite spectacular. So, how much was something like this cost? The ones that Anne Hathaway wore, were a million dollars. My gosh, a million dollars on your ears? I'd be scared to leave this store, personally. What else do you have in your here? I want to show you something that's very special to Harry Winston, that's our cluster earring. And what it means is you have different shape of fancy cut diamonds which are paired together almost different angles so that you get sparkle of light from any direction. So, if you think about it in the context of the Oscars, when someone's gliding down the red carpet, you have an earring that's framing her face, it's really hitting the lights, hitting the flash bulb and giving her this glow so they've been worn by everyone from Julie Andrews to Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron and Gwyneth Paltrow. So tell me about the trends we'll be seeing on the red carpet this season. I'm sure I've seen your eyes glanced over at our Mrs. Winston necklace and it was inspired by Mr. Winston's wife, Edna and the types of dress she used to wear. You can see in the way that this is set, if you wore it, the platinum would almost fade away, so you'd have this beautiful display of diamonds just cascading around your neck. I wouldn't mind if that melts into my skin. Let's be honest, it's amazing, how much does something like this cost? Something like, it's close to six million dollars. Six million dollars? When you look at the workmanship that's gone into it, there's been 1,000 hours put into the creation of this necklace. A thousand hours on one piece of jewelry. $6 million later, maybe I'll own that . Colors been a really big trend for celebrities lately. I feel like we've seen along the red carpet. You've got some really pretty blue and almost red diamonds here. Tell me about those. Now, when you think about unique stones, when you think of unique diamonds, you think of Halle Berry and her pumpkin diamond. That orange diamond that she wore in 2002 when she won her Oscar. It was called the "pumpkin" diamond, which really spoke to the the deep hue of the stone, and also to the fact that The House of Harry Winston acquired it at around the time of Halloween. So, what is the tips to wearing colored jewels? It's personal for everyone. Some women like to match against their dress and, like an unusual combination like Diane Kruger who wear rubies with a beautiful yellow -- Yellow Jason Wu. Loved that. Yes, it was such a beautiful, and the warmth really combined together in a special way. Well, thank you so much for having us here today and all these diamonds are amazing and I can't wait to see if maybe this pops up on the red carpet this weekend. So make sure to tune in to all of our red carpet coverage, to see if you can spot one of these jewels on your favorite celebrity. I'm Allison McNamara and I'll see you Fab Flash on Fab Sugar TV.

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