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What Style Looks Like at Every Height

Aug 30 2015 - 8:00am

Things are looking up for women in Hollywood — at least that depends on who you ask. By Nicole Kidman [1], Charlize Theron [2], and Cate Blanchett [3]'s standards, it's a tall woman's world [4]. But don't count out the megapresence of the petite set [5], which lists Reese Witherspoon [6] and Sarah Jessica Parker [7] among its stylish elite.

The takeaway for us at home? Even if we can't afford to wear Lupita Nyong'o's Prada [8] and Oscar de la Renta [9] gowns nor have an occasion like Cannes International Film Festival that's worthy of Diane Kruger [10]'s dresses, there's a fashionable inspiration for each and every one of us in Hollywood. All you have to do is look:

Hayden Panettiere: Five Feet

Reese Witherspoon: Five Feet, One Inch

Anna Kendrick: Five Feet, Two Inches

Sarah Jessica Parker: Five Feet, Three Inches

Michelle Williams: Five Feet, Four Inches

Lupita Nyong'o: Five Feet, Five Inches

Olivia Palermo: Five Feet, Six Inches

Emma Stone: Five Feet, Six Inches

Diane Kruger: Five Feet, Seven Inches

Rihanna: Five Feet, Eight Inches

Alexa Chung: Five Feet, Eight Inches

Serena Williams: Five Feet, Nine Inches

Cate Blanchett: Five Feet, Nine Inches

Charlize Theron: Five Feet, 10 Inches

Nicole Kidman: Five Feet, 11 Inches

Brooke Shields: Six Feet

Karlie Kloss: Six Feet, One Inch

Maria Sharapova: Six Feet, Two Inches

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