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The Ultimate Guide to Jessica Alba's Striking, Unpredictable Style

Aug 17 2014 - 5:00am

Here's the thing about Jessica Alba's style [1] — it's not as sweet and girlie as you'd think. In fact, for all the times she works a feminine vibe, she combats it with an edgy touch [2]. Take a closer look at her casual outfits, and you'll find slouchy pants, crisply tailored blazers, and walking flats. And, on the red carpet, Jessica avoids ensembles that are too elegant by tying up her hair, for a sporty appeal, or incorporating pops of neon.

But, no matter what she's getting dressed for — be it an event or a stroll — she always looks completely put together. That's why she's become the style icon that she is, after all. On that note, scroll down for a five-step sartorial guide to being Jessica.

The Blazer

Jessica wears blazers both on the red carpet and off — whether they’re bright and oversize, printed, or streamlined. And we're especially partial to the times she uses them to lend her slouchy pants a bit of structure.

The Fedora

We can hardly imagine her having a bad hair day, but we love how effortless Jessica's fedoras appear on the street. From dark hues to standard neutral tones, it seems like she's got quite the collection of these toppers [3].

The Ladylike Separates

When Jessica does go the ladylike route, she favors a demure high-waist silhouette that comes off as clean and crisp, and she's always one to incorporate a fun print or a bit of embroidery.

The Color Pop

Jessica's head-turning color pops are so much fun to spot, and they always come by way of a really great statement piece, a neon nail color, a bold pump, or a swipe of lipstick.

Red Carpet Metallics

Jessica's gorgeous smile and picture-perfect hairstyles aren't the only traits that make her stand out on the red carpet. She's always up for a completely striking look and often chooses metallic dresses and accessories.

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