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How to Remove Red Wine Stains

Remove Red Wine Stains Instantly – Here's How!

The dreaded red wine stain; we've all been there. There is nothing worse than that slow-motion horror you experience as the big spill happens, but lucky for you, we've taken it upon ourselves to sleuth out the best red wine stain removing tactics out there. The two that work best are club soda and a special product called Wine Away — watch this video to see how they work! On Allison: StyleMint.

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Hey there, it's Allison, and in today's Fab How To, I'm going to show you several ways to remove red wine stains. First off, their four key rules to always remember. One, make sure you get it out as quickly as possible. Two, always blot, never rub. Three, make sure the stain stays moist And four, never throw it in the dryer until it's officially. The first at home remedy is Soda. Before you pour on your club soda you're going to want to take a towel and put it underneath the stain so it doesn't penetrate to the other side. Then you take your club soda and pour it on generously. once you've done that, you're going to take your towel and blot, don't rub. Make sure you blot inward so the stain doesn't spread outward. Once you've gotten the red wine stain out as much possible. Go home, throw it in the washing machine with some Spray 'n Wash and repeat the whole process until the stain is gone. Remember, don't dry it in between. If you're clumsy and spill often, or you don't want to rely on household remedies, I suggest picking up a bottle of Wine-Away. It's foolproof! All you have to do You take it, spray generously on your garments. Let it sit for 15 minutes, and then throw it in the wash. Hopefully you remember these red wine stain removing tricks when you encounter your next big spill. I'm Allison, see ya next time on Fab How To on FabSugarTV.

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