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Jil Sander Bought By Onward Holdings

Jil Sander Changes Hands

Here are some new clothes from a brand who just recently changed hands. While officially Out Of The City for the weekend, we were perusing the advertisements in a September glossy when along came a Jil Sander ad. Our boyfriend's mother asked, rightly, 'what sort of woman might wear heels so, so, uncomfortable looking' to which we answered (from the back seat of her smooth gliding non-taxi brand of automobile), that a more forthcoming question would be to ask what kind of woman wouldn't wear them. That is, most. Whatever you are left with, that lone woman with her hand raised, is your Jil Sander customer and you better believe she's not embarrassed to be poised as such. Jil Sander, ever defined by its slick, androgynous, aggressive aesthetic, has just been purchased by Onward Holdings Company for a clean 244 million. The brand, energized by Raf Simons and their previous holding company Change Capital Partners, is expected to keep Raf on board. Here's to a new chapter of Jil Sander and a seemingly confident change of hands. Now if only we could get Yoox to photograph the clothes so that they don't look like they're straight out of a Coldwater Creek catalog.

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