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WATCH: John Galliano Tells Charlie Rose He Was "Emotionally Bankrupt"

Jun 13 2013 - 9:15am

John Galliano's hotly anticipated interview with Charlie Rose [1] was broadcast Wednesday night, and in clips from the hour-long chat, the former Dior designer makes a number of very sobering comments.

In the interview, Galliano discusses everything from the suicide of Lee McQueen [2], which he said he "understood," to his own struggles with addiction and substance abuse. He also apologized for the anti-Semitic remarks [3] he made in March 2011 that led to his dismissal from Dior [4], and to his eventual stint in rehab, but maintains that he's grateful for the way these events have unfolded.

"I have been able to spend some time on myself and understand these emotions that I couldn't express," he said. "This was all bottled up, really, and later on in life, in that state that I found myself in, it came up. I was emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally bankrupt. I didn't know it, but I had a very big breakdown."

The revealing interview joins a profile [5] of the designer in next month's issue of Vanity Fair. A look at the interview, here in the gallery.

In this clip, Galliano tells Rose about what led to his struggles with addiction and substance abuse.

Galliano also formally apologizes on the air for his anti-Semitic comments.

In this clip, Galliano says he "understood" the suicide of Lee McQueen, and the loneliness and pain that contributed to it.

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