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Kelly Cutrone Doesn't Have Patience for Fashion Show Crashers

Kelly Cutrone Doesn't Have Patience for Fashion Show Crashers

>> While
gearing up for the premiere of her reality show Kell on Earth on Bravo Feb. 1, Kelly Cutrone conducted a conference call for press today. One journalist asked Cutrone, who runs full-service PR agency People's Revolution and twice a year finds herself making sure her clients' runway shows are running smoothly, how she deals with Fashion Week crashers and seat-changers:

I mean . . . You'll see on the show I do not have a lot of patience for crashers. It happens a lot at Bryant Park. It makes me crazy when they clog up the line. Those front row seats end up costing like 300 to 500 dollars. Those are the money seats. All of a sudden I've got [New York Times critic] Guy Trebay standing there, who is really lovely — but he'll just split. I don't want to be the person standing backstage getting fired because Women's Wear Daily or the New York Times reviewer just left because they couldn't find a seat. I also do my new favorite thing, the walk-away. When people are just trying to convince me and I just walk away. Also the slide . . . where you just don't say anything. And just slide away.


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