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Are Leggings Like Cupcakes — Eternally Appealing?

Yum and I recently got in a heavy conversation about leggings and cupcakes. She pointed out how peeps are still craving cupcakes. I then spoke of the evolution of leggings the past few years and how since they came back — was it '06? — they have highly evolved. Mind you, when they came back it was the standard black calf length, they have manifested into different textures, colors, and materials. They're taking on a life of their own, it's pretty cool. Lindsay Lohan may have been on to something . . .
See Stella's laser-cut leather leggings she recently wore with a frilly purple dress, Givenchy's romantic draped and ruched pair from their Pre-Fall collection, and Taylor Momsen in the now highly-popular liquid legging. From high fashion to Gossip Girl, leggings appear to be here to stay. I quite fancy the use of luxe materials, cue Doo. Ri's Fall runway and Victoria Beckham in Armani. But please remember: the longer, the more flattering, the better. So I beg your answer: are leggings like cupcakes — eternally appealing? Or is it just the resurgence of the '80s in fashion? Have you found yourself drawn back into the skintight web of leggings?

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