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10 Trends Set by the Ultimate Material Girl: Madonna

Nov 12 2014 - 5:40am

While we barely blink an eye these days whenever Miley Cyrus [1] or Nicki Minaj dances provocatively on stage, we'll never forget the groundbreaking performance that started it all: Madonna [2]'s supersexy rendition of "Like a Virgin" at the 1984 VMAs. This month marks the 30th anniversary of the hit song [3], and while the singer definitely set a trend that still exists in the industry today, it wasn't the only one she started. Madonna's been showing us new ways to wear things since she first hit the scene in the '80s. From Ray-Ban Wayfarers and fingerless lace gloves to cone bras and stacks of rubber bracelets, we've wanted to rock 'em all thanks to this superstar. So in lieu of presents or rolling around in a wedding [4] dress, let's celebrate this music milestone with the top 10 trends Madonna more or less originated.

Additional reporting by Samantha Sutton

Source: Warner Bros. [5]

Rubber Bracelets

Madonna [6]'s penchant for rubber and leather bracelets — and lots of them — became an instant trend. We can thank her for our daily arm parties.

Source: MSQ [7]

Crop Tops

Before Britney and Christina bared their bellies on MTV, it was Madonna [8]'s midriff that everyone was talking about. She showed off her stomach in crop tops, cut-off t-shirts, and sometimes just a bra.

Fingerless Lace Gloves

With all the lace that Madonna [9] wore in the '80s, it's a surprise there wasn't a nationwide shortage of the stuff. Girls everywhere adopted Madonna's way of wearing lace tops, dresses, and leggings and were especially drawn to her fingerless lace gloves. She wore them with everything and layered her stacks of bracelets on top of them.

Leather Caps

One of Madonna [10]'s many accessory choices during the '80s and '90s were leather riding caps. They always came off as strong, powerful, and sexy, and it's something that she still wears to this day.

Source: MSQ [11]

Signature Slogans

We bet there's never been a moment that you've seen the words "boy toy" and not thought of Madonna [12], right? The studded belt she wore in her "Like a Virgin" video emblazoned with the term became a signature staple of her wardrobe and gave us another glimpse of her sexual confidence. She also had us running out and buying message tees, whether or not we were actually "healthy" — or Italian.

One Earring

One of the coolest '80s trends that Madonna [13] launched was wearing only one earring. It had to be oversize, and it had to make a statement.

Source: MSQ [14]

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Madonna [15] was just one of the many style icons who brought Ray-Bans to their peak of popularity in the '80s. Other Wayfarer-loving stars included Tom Cruise [16], Michael Jackson [17], and Debbie Harry. Madonna wore hers everywhere, from the cover of her "Lucky Star" single to her starring role in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Rosary Necklaces

From the start of her career, Madonna [18] was open about her Catholic upbringing (and occasional criticism of the church). She drew from her faith to write songs like "Like a Prayer" and "Promise to Try." Madonna became famous for her juxtaposition of Catholic iconography and sexuality, and one of the ways she did this was by wearing classic rosary necklaces with bustier tops and sexy dresses. She often layered her rosaries with pearls, chains, and Star of David necklaces.

Cone Bras

Famously designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for her Blonde Ambition tour, Madonna [19] rocked the cone bra well through the '90s. It became a sartorial staple of her performances. Though the original bra sold for around $20,000 in a 2001 pop memorabilia auction, Gaultier designed a collection of new ones for the Material Girl's MDNA tour in 2012.

Cloth Headbands

If there was ever a cheaper, cooler way to keep your hair back in the '80s, then we've never heard of it. Madonna [20] basically made it cool to tear up your old bedsheets and tie them up in a bow on top of your head.

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