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Jewelry For the Girl Whose Dad Invented Toaster Strudel

Feb 12 2014 - 7:00am

Finally (finally!), the Mean Girls one-liners we constantly find ourselves quoting and quipping [1] are about to be immortalized in jewelry form. And now, you can finally shop Stella & Bow's capsule collection inspired by the classic film and add a little bit of Regina George snarkiness to your everyday outfit.

Bangles say it for you with messages like "You Can't Sit With Us," and a clever barrette is made cheeky with the words "Full of Secrets" spelled out on it. And then there's the rose gold bracelet with one simple word: Wednesday. (Because, obviously, we all know what happens on that particular day of the week [2] . . . ). Shop it all online right now [3], and see our favorites below!

Gretchen "That's So Fetch" bracelet [4] ($110)

Cady "Fetch" bracelet [5] ($38)

Karen "Full of Secrets" barrette [6] ($55)

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