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Model.Live Episode Nine: "Everybody wants Cato"

Model.Live Episode Nine: "Everybody wants Cato"

>> It's Paris Fashion Week, and those frustrations that were building on Model.Live in Milan finally come to a head — at least for Madeline Kragh.  Austria Alcantara seems to have given up — she gets a pep talk about confidence and then sent off to 12 castings; she aims to make 8 of them but ends up doing less: "The agency's going to kill me."  Cato van Ee says that she wouldn't model at Austria's age — she didn't want to give up her childhood — but then Cato is having plenty of success with her shows and has a visit from boyfriend Simon, while Austria seems all alone — no mother or agent in sight.

And then there's Madeline, who thought everything was going so well . . . Issey Miyake and Vivienne Westwood seemed within her reach . . . and then didn't come through: "Everybody's so sorry and they love me and they're happy I'm back in Paris, but everybody wants Cato."  Will everything even out?  Next week's Paris Fashion Week episode will tell.


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