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The OverBra Provides Ultimate Lift and Support

Jan 21 2010 - 9:00am

The OverBra [1] is the new shapewear idea that shapes your bust and accentuates your cleavage. Think of it as a vest for your bra — only it's not meant to be seen. It comes in four styles — original, midriff, longline, slip — and each does a slightly different task. The original, pictured below, is mainly to flatten back bulges and enhance cleavage. The midriff takes care of tummy creases, the longline is good for tummy and hip coverage, and the slip is perfect for under dresses. Since it's a brand-new concept, it's slightly confusing; check out the how to wear it section [2] then see where to buy it [3]. Intrigued or insane?


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