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Paris Couture Fashion Week Fall 2012 Guide

Our Experts Break Down the Highlights From Paris Couture Week

Ready-to-wear has New York, resort has Milan, but couture will always have Paris. Paris Couture Week is the crème de la crème of Fashion Weeks and, accordingly, we brought Fashionologie's Christina Pérez in to discuss all the highlights with Popsugar's Allie Merriam. From Raf Simons's debut couture collection at Dior to Anna Dello Russo's own fashion tour de force, we got the inside scoop on all you need to know from the week of chic. Plus, are wondering what really separates couture from the rest? Christina has all the answers in our tete-à-tete.

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Hi, I'm Allie Merriam. Welcome back to PopSugar TV. Today we are joined by Fashionologie editor Christina Perez who has the scoop on all the fun that's been happening at Paris during Couture week. Christina, what is the difference between Couture week and all of the other fashion weeks that we hear about? Well, Couture's particularly special because it only happens in Paris and it's only a few designers that do it. The designers have to show it twice a year. It's regulated by the French government and they have show a minimum of 36 looks each time. The looks are made to order and are only for a really wealthy client. Interesting, seems like the natural place to start is of course with the king of the Paris runway's Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel. I know Diane Kruger was there with her boyfriend, Josh Jackson. So, what were Karl's designs like this time? Karl said that he was really interested in looking at a new vintage. So clothing that will last the test of time and feel modern 6 months later. Instead of looking back in Archives, which of course he does because it's Chanel, he really wanted to think about forward. So we felt a lot more lady-like pieces. It was more modern, more glamorous, the 1940s bend, and of course, those gorgeous tweed suits that Karl does. And I see some tweed as always. As always, and tweed this season was actually really interesting because he sort of did this block pattern on the tweed so it looked a little grid-like and checkered, which was exciting and different than what we've seen before. Another big celebrity draw was Versace, which brought out Elizabeth Banks, Jessica Alba and Milla Jovovich and what was Donatella up to? Right. Well it's an exciting show for Versace, because this was the first time Donatella shown couture on the runway in 10 years. Really? Yeah, it was sort of this return to the flamboyance of Versace. You had these amazing sexy dresses. It was really powerful, tough glamor, studded bells, nipped in waves. Really, really sexy and really just Versace all the way. Another big draw was Dior with The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence as well as everyone's favorite Glee couple, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith. So what do they see at Dior? Dior was probably the most anticipated, most exciting show of the season. we have Raf Simon's first debut for Dior, super exciting. Everyone was there and it wasn't just a celebrity. It was Marc Jacobs, Olivier Theyskens, Donatella Versace was there. All the designers turned out to see it. It was also that really exciting community feeling that you don't always get at Fashion Week. Yeah. And especially at the Couture show. So, I think that was probably the most exciting. It's sweet. So now that they're behind the scenes, also friends. Yeah, it's really nice to see that kind of support. Yeah, now do you have a favorite show out of all the shows that you've written about? I mean besides Dior which was just stunning and exciting. I think I'm going to have to say it was Valentino. Valentino, known for it's Red Carpet look, always beautiful, always romantic, but this season they sort of to this departure where, you think of Valentino as really bright red dresses and really, sort of soft and this season they went a little bit more dark, a little more romantic, I think like a sort of dark romance moody. Do you think it will transition to the Red Carpet as well for the design show? I think how could it not. It's Valentino. Interesting. Yeah, sheer, beautiful, romantic. I think there's going to be a lot of Valentino Red Carpet gowns this season. Awesome, can't wait. I always want to see who picks things off the runway and takes it to the Red Carpet. Yeah and I think that's the exciting thing about Couture. You never know what's really gonna make it on the Red Carpet. Now, independent of any trends you may have noticed on the run way were there any favorite moments that you had when reading about people attending the shows as well as the shows themselves? Definitely . I mean I think you can't talk about Fashion Week without talking about Anna Dello Russo whether it's Couture week, Ready-To-Wear, Anna Dello Russo is there and the woman is like a Fashion Show entrepreneur Now it seems that designers have one show after another. So after Couture week what happens next for the whole Couture crowd? Well, we sort of get a little break. We just had the men's show. We had Resort which was non-stop never ending, and now Couture; and now I think it's time for the fashion crowd to sort of breath and have a break for August until Ready-To-Wear starts again in September. Also, well, we'll keep our eyes filled for designers hanging out on Yes. Yeah. I'm Allie Merriam. Thank you, Christina, for joining us today. Thanks, Allie. And thank you for watching PopSugar TV.

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