Er Stella, not so sure about this one. Stella McCartney's Fall collection was disconnected. I don't know how it went from a perfect fuchsia sexy little ruffled dress to a colossal fluffy faux fur coat. Maybe she was playing with contrasts but the models looked a lot happier in the sexy, tailored looks. Although, there were a few standouts (phew!).

Stella always manages to deliver sexy v-neck boyfriend sweaters but I wasn't so keen on what was going on with the bottom half of these looks. Were those skirts or just flippy bits of fabric? One last dis: the tuxedo styles were fun and sharp but I feel like I've seen them before...But in the end, it was refreshing to see bare legs and the few expertly crafted chili pepper pieces were fabulous. This over sized poncho was the one piece that communicated the overtly boxy silhouette but still managed to deliver strong appeal. Better luck next season Stella.

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