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Patricia Field. That's All

Patricia Field. That's All

If there is anyone you can count on to throw a party its MAO Public Relations and Patricia Fied. Its a little before 10pm and we are rocking with a crowd at the Edison Ballroom waiting for her collection. After a hectic day nothing quite takes th edge off like club kids and drag queens. We hate to use the term fabulous since so many seem to prefer to apply it to aspirational blighted urban women but you so know that Patricia Field is fabulous. Sure we wish she hadn't given so much ammunition to all "those" women but you can't deny that this woman is a force of stylistic nature. We can't wait to see what she turns out for us tonight at Destination Style but until then we leave you with her smiling face. And no we can't believe we climbed on the catwalk to get it either. And you now how we feel about that sort of behavior.




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