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Power Couple: Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy

Power Couple: Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy

She will always be known as Juliet or Angela Chase, in Fab's world. He is known as Hugh Dancy — British actor and dapper fellow — to the rest of the world. They are super cute!

They met on the set of The Evening and have been inseparable since, in style. I've always liked Juliet/Angela Chase; she has an innocent face, a cute little bod and an easy going sophisticated style. She's really blossomed over the years and is looking quite foxy these days. I'll admit I don't know much about her bloke. I do know that his father is a philosopher, his mother a publisher — good mix. He has done some Burberry modeling gigs and next year will play the dark poet Edgar Allan Poe in the film Poe. And he's Claire's lovah.

This power couple has intercontinental good looks and charm. They seem happy and compliment each other on both the red carpet and the grey sidewalk. Looks like Juliet/Angela Chase has found her Romeo.

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