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Pretty Little Liars Style

PLL Is Back! And the Costumes Are Better Than Ever

View in slideshow PLL Is Back! And the Costumes Are Better Than Ever

We've long awaited the return of Pretty Little Liars, having dealt with withdrawal straight through Halloween (typically a big episode for the show) and into the holiday season. But now, our favorite pack of high school girls is back — and looking better than ever. Judging from the photos, tonight's episode, "How the A stole Christmas," is not only jam-packed with drama, Mona's ghost, and some cute moments from our favorite couples, it's also got a bunch of stunning holiday looks.

But that's not really too much of a shocker, is it? The show is already known for its killer style, from Aria's mix-and-matching ways to Spencer's perfectly preppy looks. So before we all sit down for another night of A-filled suspense, let's relive all the costumes from season five and beyond — plus take a sneak peek at the ones we'll be seeing later.

Additional reporting by Mandi Villa

Source: ABC Family