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Removing red wine stains

Style For Style: Wine Stains Be Gone!

Why does this always happen? You're wearing your favorite ivory Nine West Silk Georgette Dress ($140), having a grand time at a chic party, when all of a sudden you spill red wine on you. Panic is natural, but it doesn't help the cool and composed vibe you were going for.

To find out how to remove wine stains in a jiffy,

  • As soon as the stain happens, go to the nearest kitchen. Quickly boil some water and grab some common salt.
  • Drench the stained area in boiling water. Just be careful not to burn yourself. If the stain is in an awkward area, say the bodice, remove your clothing before starting.
  • Next, take at least two tablespoons of common salt and rub the stained area until the red is gone.
  • This works on all fabrics, from wool to silk, cotton to synthetics. How much of the red wine gets removed depends on how quickly you take care of the problem and how much gets soaked into the fabric. Even if the entire stain isn't gone, at least most of it will disappear. But the next morning take your dress to the dry cleaners first thing.

Now get back to the party and pretend like nothing ever happened!

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