Wahoo! I'll admit I'm a bit apprehensive about the "Sex and the City" movie. Don't get me wrong - I can recite scenes and list Carrie outfits with the best of them - I'm just very curious with how the movie is going to turn out. I think it will either be just fabulous or a forced stinker...and of course I'm rooting for the former!

What we have here is a sneak peek at a Carrie/Big moment from the movie. If we get more teasers like this, it will make for fantastic Fall fun. But down to business, Carrie's green getup! In classic Carrie fashion, the look is eclectic, ladylike, but with a good dose of edge. I adore the contrasting green floral prints, and that coat is to die for, though the studded belt and Dior Mad Max heels are a bit much, if you ask me. However, that cheeky Eiffel Tower purse is quintessential Carrie (and Patricia Field) so bring us some more!

You know my take on this, what's yours?!