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23 Reactions You Don't Want to See When You Step Out of the Dressing Room

Aug 18 2014 - 6:00am

We all know the feeling: the moment of self-doubt when we're standing in the dressing room with friends pacing outside, waiting to determine our fates. And they can be viscious. So we hold in our stomachs, stand up straight, give ourselves one more self-assured look in the mirror, and pray (yes, pray!) that we're not greeted by any of these:

Source: Fox [1]

The Flat-Out Rejection

Where's Tim Gunn [2] when you need a friendly piece of fashion advice?

Source: Lifetime [3]

The Thumbs Down

The most obvious and traditional sign of disapproval, this motion needs no words — and when you're greeted outside the dressing room by it, you might as well be standing in the Colosseum awaiting your fate.

Source: DreamWorks [4]

The Dramatic Stare

Your friends volunteer to give you a style intervention.

Source: Universal [5]

The Evil Laugh

Cue your best Dr. Evil impression.

Source: New Line Cinema [6]

The Side-Eye

"Are we all looking at the same pair of pants?"

Source: Fox [7]

The Eye Roll

Those eyeballs would rather roll than focus on that dress.

Source: Bravo [8]

The Mother of All Eye Rolls

If you've ever shopped with your mom, you know this look.

Source: Fox [9]

The Stink Face

A face that's reserved for smelling sour milk or for getting a whiff of distasteful fashion.

Source: Logo [10]

The Bullsh*t

"No, honey. That giant butt ruffle doesn't make you look fat."

Source: TBS [11]

The Faux Gag

This is the sort of finger you really don't want to see pointed while shopping.

The Actual Gag

From the fitting room to the bathroom.

Source: Fox [12]

The Mmkay

You get a scowl, and you get a scowl!

Source: Own [13]

The Backwards Step

Step away from the ugly dress.

Source: Disney [14]

The Forward Lunge

It's a move that says "I saw that dress first!"

Source: Paramount [15]

The "I Die" . . . Literally

This shirt is bananas, H-I-D-E-O-U-S.

Source: Bravo [16]

The Utter Confusion

If two trains depart from the same station, why is my girlfriend wearing Tevas?

Source: NBC [17]

The Half Depp

Say it with Johnny now: Ooh . . .

Source: Disney [18]

The Full Depp


Source: Disney [19]

The "What-the-Wha?"

Just no words — there are none.

Source: Bravo [20]

The "Oh No You Didn't"

Note the tone and the hand motion.

Source: ABC [21]

The "Oh Hell No"

Stop the madness!

Source: The CW [22]

The Boo Boo

This is the face of true ambivalence.

Source: TLC [23]

The Larry David

Also known as the "dad face," because dear pop hasn't gotten the memo that crop tops are totally in fashion.

Source: HBO [24]

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