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Not So Fab Fashion Week Fumbles

Fashion Weeks are fun and fabulous. But no one really talks about what happens on the way to the fashion show: the running around, lack of sleep, perpetual "where is my seat (if I even have one)?" question, outfit self-consciousness and, in my case, the fumbles you take along the way. After another week of all of the above, though, I feel a unique sense of elated exhaustion. Annabelle too, after two weeks at her grandparents' house, felt this. You've read my reviews and interviews, seen the New York collections and heard about my fabulous dinner with Diane von Furstenberg. But here's some insight into what happens along the way . . . it's not all fashion fun and games.

    Day 1: Un-fabulous rainfall. Favorite Lulu Guinness umbrella breaks. (It was really cute: black with playing cards all along the rim.) Pop into trusty Duane Reade to buy a new one. One hour later, that one breaks. I end up going to the Marc by Marc store and buying two new ones that are really cute. True, money I didn't plan on spending; False: Fab caught in the rain again.

    To hear about the rest of my fumbles,

    Day 2: I burnt my foot on my iron. Tsss. How did I manage to do that? This is what happens when you dress to impress in a rush and forget you set the hot iron down on the floor.

    Day 3: Left favorite (and necessary) black leather gloves in the cab on the way to the DVF dinner. But as I told you, it was worth it.

    Day 4: Slip on old, but fabulous Sonia Rykiel floral blouse I haven't worn in years to discover I neglected to wash it since the last time I wore it (no judgment!). Incidentally, there was a big brown stain front and center. A little warm water got it right out but sh*t and ew! And vowed not to wear heels the rest of the week.

    Day 5: Banged hand on hotel room handle, hard. Had to ice my precious typing hand that night, and wince while taking runway notes the next day. I'm all better, thanks for asking.

    Day 6: Manicure terminated. Stopped by a cheapy nail place to have my polish removed; my hands had gotten to a very uncouth place.

That was the worst of it, stay tuned for the best of it!

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