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Sonia Rykiel Head Wrap

Sonia Rykiel Head Wrap

Today we were thinking about whether we should start postulating on what trends will come of the Spring 09 shows. One of the first things we thought of, when we tried to imagine what new trends will erupt come September, was Sonia Rykiel's yellow head wrap that turned up in the first exit of her Spring 08 show, and many a magazine editorial thereafter. We know, from watching the Fall shows, that hats are back in a big way and we also know, thanks to Rykiel, what can be done with a hat trend when it's ninety degrees outside. Are people ready for it? We think so. We can't count the number of young women in New York that are prancing around, right this minute, in feathered headbands and bow clips, with generous lengths of fabric tied around their foreheads. When this happens, when the hair accessories reach these exaggerated proportions, we know that women are ready for something of a turban. Even if they weren't back when the turban thing was actually happening. What they're ready for, or will be come next summer, is a headwrap like Rykiel's. Time will tell whether more of these accessories will crop up in the shows, and if they should, we will thank the lovely Sonia.


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