We all agree Stephanie Seymour has a perfect bod, and OK, I don't hate her, but did you know she can write too? She interviewed Lanvin's Alber Elbaz for Interview magazine — whom I happen to be intrigued by, he's so discrete yet so opinionated — and you can see what I mean by their chat over soup. I suggest you print this one out, there's lots of juicy bits . . .

For instance, have you ever noticed Lanvin's logo? In the spirit of

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Another interesting fact: the entire Lanvin team eats lunch together every day. The interns are in charge of the food, and when they expressed annoyance for their seemingly mundane task, Elbaz replied: "I said to them, 'By going out and buying food for everyone, you'll get to know Paris, and you can practice your French.' I think when our relationship starts with food bringing people together, it gets deeper."

The last indicator Elbaz knows his stuff: he admits women are better drivers than men. "It's so important to have that intuition of women, that only women can give. Have you ever seen a man drive, Stephanie? They will never ask for directions, even if they're lost . . . women will ask 70 people in the first second — but they will get there sooner."

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