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Style for Style: A Foot's Best Friend

Style for Style: A Foot's Best Friend

I have scars on my feet. I'm sure we all have some scars on our feet. Our feet are our tools for experiencing life, really. They take us through our day-to-day and beyond. They are important, they are precious. We should take good care of them! So the next time you're not sure if you can afford a pedicure, consider this your pep talk.

Many of us also have a shoe fetish and will sometimes splurge on a killer pair that we pray will not pinch and blister our precious feetsies. Alas, it happens. And when it does, it's good to always have a certain something on your person.

To meet a foot's best friend,

Moleskin, $5, is the best! The reason it rocks is because it is soft and nude colored and has adhesive on the other side. You can cut it to the size you need to protect either the back of your heel, side of your foot or wherever. You can also stick it to the sole of the shoe to prevent slippage. Overall, it's super handy and better than a band aid to prevent stingy blisters!


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