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Style For Style: Peds Problems Be Gone!

A Fab reader has a dilemma and when a Fab reader has a dilemma, Fab runs to her rescue. Said reader's ped socks, like these Gap Classic Loafer Peds ($7), constantly show when she wears ballet flats. I have no doubt that more of you have this problem. I know I used to. She's searched far and wide for an inexpensive solution, but no luck yet . . . until now!

To see my solution to unsightly peds,

Like I said before, I used to have this problem all the time. Frustrated, one day I grabbed a pair of scissors, and started snipping my peds problems away. Here's how you can, too.

  • Grab a pair of scissors sharp enough to cut nylon.
  • Wear your ped socks.
  • Now put on the ballet flats you normally wear your peds with.
  • Sit down or get in a squatting position where you can easily reach your feet.
  • Take the scissors and start slowly (and carefully) cutting the parts of the peds that are visible with your ballet flats on. Snip until peds disappear.
  • Do the same for the other foot. Voilá!

Chances are your peds now have jagged lines from your amateur cutting; no one will see them so no need to be anal. You may need to buy a different pair for each ballet flat you own, but if most of yours are similar, you can get away with using the same peds for each one.

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