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Style For Style: Stylish Solutions for Broken Bones

I was taking the subway home after work the other day when I came across my inspiration for this Style for Style. An impeccably dressed girl had a cast on her arm. Only, it was no regular boring arm brace. Like a true fashionista, she had covered her cast with a black velvet fabric and it meshed with her all-black ensemble. Let me tell you, it looked très chic! So it got me thinking: what's a stylish girl to do if she has a broken limb, a scratch or a bruise? Why, her fabulous life must go on...

To see my solutions for remaining chic while injured,

  • If you're in the same predicament as the girl on the subway, you can also tie a sling with a pretty scarf to keep your arm elevated.
  • If you have an open wound, cover it up with a fun colored or glittery bandage; these serve are great conversation pieces too.
  • If you're in Rihanna's current state, with a broken leg, don't let some broken bones keep you from getting dolled up. Throw on that mini dress, one platform pump and keep on partying!
  • Here are some fun items to get you started:


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jadoremondieu jadoremondieu 8 years
glow in the dark spongebob bandaids?! WANT! NOW!!!! sdaly, here in the much more provincial outback, we only have plain ones. like the really gross looking "skin-coloured" skin ones that doesn't actually LOOK like anybody's skin. goodness forbid fashionistas ever getting a surface wound, here. :-D
chukie chukie 8 years
Cut a section of fishnet tights to hold knee and elbow bandages on better than tape does - looks nicer, too. Très punk revival.
kstraw23 kstraw23 8 years
i'm a big fan of my glow in the dark spongebob bandaids :)
Retro-Bunny Retro-Bunny 8 years
Wow. This is completely creeping me out. I just had a full-arm cast removed, and while I had it on, I was searching the web for some cool things to do with it. I even thought: WHAT WOULD FABSUGAR DO?! I just used a nice collection of scarves.
Retro-Bunny Retro-Bunny 8 years
Wow.This is completely creeping me out.I just had a full-arm cast removed, and while I had it on, I was searching the web for some cool things to do with it.I even thought: WHAT WOULD FABSUGAR DO?!I just used a nice collection of scarves.
dmartinxoxo dmartinxoxo 8 years
i love my Hello Kitty bandages :]
vienvien vienvien 8 years
This looks like a trailer shot for a psycho thriller movie
julieulie julieulie 8 years
Ha. I pulled a muscle in my back 2 days ago and have literally not been able to get off the floor since then - I have been camped out on my back in the middle of the living room. Looking stylish is the LAST thing on my mind -- more like how many days until I can crawl into the shower or actually make it on the toilet instead of having to pee in a cup!
c0rkie c0rkie 8 years
that pic is creepy!
c0rkie c0rkie 8 years
that pic is creepy!
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