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Style For Style: Sweaty Feet Fix

I have these Theory Mirror leather sandals ($207) in pewter and have been wearing them to death — they are a great alternative to black shoes and the criss-cross style is very modern. But never have I worn them when I was in hot weather, and so, I recently found out they have a slippery inside. I was caught in this dilemma while living it up in LA at Hills' hangout Les Deux with PartySugar. I was so nervous slipping around in my shoes, I had to find a quick solution.

To see my fix for sweaty feet,


First I tried Band-Aids on the bottoms of my feet and, duh, they totally slipped around, too. Then, I remembered that bathroom attendants at such chichi clubs as Les Deux having everything you could possibly need. I was saved when the lovely attendant handed me some Johnson's Baby Powder ($5). A $5 tip and problem solved.

I recommend testing any new shoes in a warmer climate before going out. Walk around the house for a half hour when you're getting ready and if you feel any slippage, powder your feet. Rest assured, now you know you can definitely dance the night away.

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