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Do You Speak the Language of Fashion?

Jan 9 2017 - 4:30am

Your friends and family who've known you for a long time are probably used to your lingo by now. You need not tell them one more time how to pronounce "Givenchy" [1] and you can bet they know what a "Canadian tuxedo" looks like. But are they — and more importantly are you — completely well-versed in the fashion language? Below you'll find a list of terms we use on a day-to-day basis when we're talking all things style. Read on for the full rundown. We won't tell a soul if you learn something new.

Canadian Tuxedo: A look that consists of a denim top paired with jeans, aka denim-on-denim.

Nautical: Anything with stripes or red, white, and blue.

See Now, Buy Now: A runway collection that’s instantly shoppable [5] as soon as its debuted.

Bag Lady: A girl who’s toting a bunch of different satchels at once. She looks like she needs help, but you can tell she’s with it and will make it home with all items in tow.

Downtown: Anything black or leather.

Tough Girl: Anything black and leather.

Boxy: A sweater or top that is roughly as tall as it is wide.

Chunky: A heavy knit

Retro: Anything Taylor Swift [6] wears.

Relaxed: One size too big

Oversize: Two sizes too big

Peekaboo: Has cutouts

Utilitarian: A highly functional, practical accessory.

Statement: An eye-catching accessory or article of clothing that punctuates your outfit

Luxe: Consisting of rich fabrics or fine tailoring.

It: Universally adored.

Having a Moment: The most "It" it.

Everything: The highest form of praise.

Staple: A garment that you wear to death and remains a constant in your wardrobe.

Basic: 1. The most minimal of staples; 2. A certain kind of b*tch.

Cost-Per-Wear: An equation for determining the "smartness" of a buy.

Smart: A practical buy (see: affordable).

Puffer: A nylon coat that’s quilted and big enough to sort of “take over” your look.

Seasonless: An article of clothing that isn’t specific to any time of year, temperature, or occasion — it’s a wardrobe staple.

Mom or Boyfriend Jeans: While slightly different in fit [7], these are usually high-waisted, straight-leg, and slightly baggy.

Off Duty: Any time a model leaves her house.

Athleisure: Sporty (think leggings and sneakers) but styled in a sophisticated manner (perhaps with a designer bag and sunglasses).

Trainers: Sneakers that look like they’re for running, but are highly stylized in knit or mesh, and often embellished.

Yeezy Look: A monochrome outfit that consists of neutral sweats or knits, leggings, and perhaps a pair of heeled sandals or sock boots [8].

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