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Tap Into Your Artsy Side With a TOMS DIY Project — We Did!

Apr 5 2012 - 11:30am

There's no easier go-to sole than TOMS, and with such a philanthropic business model, it's a shoe-in for all our laid-back warm-weather outfits. Inspired by all the cool Spring styles cropping up [1], we thought we'd take a stab at embellishing our own Summer-perfect pair. With the canvas slip-on as our muse, we headed to TOMS's NYC headquarters and immediately tapped into our craftier, do-it-yourself sides. From acrylic paints, glitter glue, and metallic sequins to fabric cutouts and Sharpie markers in every color of the rainbow, we transformed our classic white TOMS into bright tie-dyed, ombre-infused, personalized masterpieces — in less than an hour. Want to see the step-by-step process and styled result and glean a little DIY [2] inspiration for yourself? Just keep clicking.

Spotted at TOMS NYC headquarters: lots of crafty ladies putting their personalized spin on a pair of classic TOMS shoes.

A close-up of the artists at work. To glean a little more TOMS DIY [3] inspiration, just keep clicking.

Has Spring inspired you to tap into your creative side? Great. We've got a quick, fun, and totally easy way to soup up a pair of TOMS, courtesy of all your favorite arts-and-crafts accoutrements.

First, you'll need a clean flat surface to double as your work station. At TOMS HQ, we utilized this cool marketplace cart, covering it with one of the brand's signature canvas bags.

What You'll Need:

What else did we wrangle for the TOMS Style Your Sole project? Fabrics, acrylic paint, buttons, ribbon, and glitter glue to start.

Where to Find These Crafty Goodies:

To embellish your shoe, make sure you have tacky glue handy.

3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue [13] ($4)

For us, the "hardest" part of the entire DIY [14] project was narrowing down our color choices. Ultimately, we chose yellow, blue, purple, and orange.

Different Bedazzling Options:

Associate editor Chi Chau and assistant editor Hannah Weil jumped right into painting their TOMS. Chi opted for a yellow base, and Hannah tried out an ombre effect, pairing orange, yellow, and a splash of pink.

We got a glimpse at what other TOMS DIY-ers were up to — pink bedazzling was in full effect.

Yellow sequins popped up on another pair of TOMS.

Associate editor Marisa Tom also started with a yellow base and added her initials with colorful Sharpie markers on the side of each shoe.

Our Tips For Decorating:

And now the left is finished too!

Look at Hannah's pretty orange-yellow-pink ombre-effect TOMS — they turned out great. Next stop? Wearing them at Coachella.

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