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Team USA in Ralph Lauren: Love It or Hate It?

Last night after my relaxing hair cut (I love it, thanks for asking!), my pup and I cozied up on the couch and watched the Olympics opening ceremony. Did you? I multitasked and caught up on my gossip mags while watching, but I waited to see Team USA in their Ralph Lauren designed outfits.The whopping 650 American athletes looked dapper in navy blazers emblazoned with oversized Polo ponies, off-white trousers, broadcloth shirts, white twill newsboy caps and striped silk neckwear; men wore ties and the women wore scarves. The goal was to create "something simple enough for the athletes to put together, yet stylish enough to elevate us as a country," said David Lauren, the designer's son and the company's senior vice president of advertising, marketing and corporate communications.
I thought the team looked Fab. However, I felt they all looked like men. Maybe the women could have worn flippy tennis-like skirts? These athletes have such amazing bodies, I would have liked them shown off better. And the newsboy hats, though adorable, were a bit distracting. I wanted to see the smiles and proud faces better. I guess we'll just have to wait and watch them in their body con swimwear and thigh exposing volleyball bootie shorts!


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