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Tourmaline's T3 Ionic Wet or Dry Flat Iron

Tourmaline's T3 Ionic Wet or Dry Flat Iron

Have no more fear of frying or damaging your tresses with extra heat styling when your hair is already bone dry. Finally, it's here; a straightening iron that you can use when your hair is soaking wet! This is a huge time saver; you can actually skip the entire blow dry stage of your getting ready repertoire. The Tourmaline T3 Ionic Wet or Dry Iron heats up in just seconds and it won't cause static electricity.

The T3 has a channel and vent system to help excess water evaporate. Don't be scared when you hear a strange steaming sound. That's just water mixing with the heat of the iron. There is also a cool flashing light that lets you know when it's ready for use.

The T3 is different from the rest because of the precious tourmaline stones built right into the product which generate up to six times more negative ions upon heating. Other ceramic products usually just spray on a coat of ceramic. Those don't heat up as quickly and they won't protect your hair nearly as well. Buy it here for $200. Also included is a heat-resistant black pouch that you can rest the iron on while it's still hot.

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