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Travel Alert! Super Fly Suitcases

While we are on the subject of travel, we thought we would do some research on some fashionable luggage options. Duffel bags are great because they are expandable and can fit more, but they always wind up breaking your back and chafing your neck when traveling. Ratty old valises are well made, but without wheels you are forced to pack light which is something that is just not always possible. Here’s a solution; why not get a fashionable and cool roller suitcase? Not only will you be able to spot any of these on the baggage carousel, you will walk around the airport looking internationally stylish! Here are a few ways to travel like the jet setters do:

1. Diane Von Furstenberg Metallic Signature Luggage Set . Hurry up - it's on sale now from $299 to $780. I love that you can buy an entire matching set - it's like a luggage outfit! These pieces look cool and they are very sturdy. They are made out of poly, cotton and metallic fibers, and are available in pewter and bronze. The inside is lined with the DVF logo and it's water resistant.

Two more fabulous options, so

2. You can buy this canvas with leather trim California Roller Suitcase here at for $325. It has sturdy in-line skate wheels, a handle that collapses, three pockets and two body zippers. Oh, and the lining is satin! It's available in pink and blue, and it comes with a lock. 15" w x 22" h x 10" deep.

3. Ok, so maybe it's not the most FABulous looking piece out of the group, but this is Tumi'sT3 Ducati Base Transporter 20" Expandable Wheeled Carry On. It sell for $495. Once you've gone, TUMI, you'll never go back - it's the leading international brand of luxury and business travel - and just the name Ducati attached to it turns me on!

Tumi's pieces are made from unbelievable sturdy materials, equal to what the army uses for for bullet proofing (hence their hefty prices). This particular piece also includes an ergonomically designed handle, wheels with solid steel axles and dual sealed bearings, retractable handle with a pivoting handle grip, protective corner guards, a lined, two inch expandable main compartment and two accessory pockets.

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