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Are Ugly Shoes A Subconscious Response To "Power" Heels?

Are Ugly Shoes A Subconscious Response To "Power" Heels?

The number of gals who we've seen stomping around Brooklyn in clogs is frankly starting to alarm us--penny loafers we could deal with, but not this. With the surprising news that UGGs are faring quite well this year, we can't help but wonder if women are taking to comfort shoes as a subconscious balancing act. Take the front page of today--right there, front-and-center are a pair of Sorels. Everyone knows that a gal's got to face the snow in something but do we really need to speak of it on the front page? Is this some kind of recession-friendly trend report? Please, just bump up a review of a DKNY show or something! Otherwise, we've seen a few very suspicious sandals floating around on Net-a-Porter. It seems both Chloe and Phillip Lim have opted for comfort over, well, style (okay, they're not that bad but still). Could these instances of hyper-comfort be a response to the sky-high heels we've been staring at for seasons? We're not going to pretend our ankles don't hurt or that we're not sick of finding that the shoes we want are just too high to wear. But, ladies, please! Unless you're six feet tall, your calves deserve better!


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