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Are You Still Into America's Next Top Model?

Are You Still Into America's Next Top Model?

Cycle 10 has begun, but with all the Make Me A Supermodel hotties, I doubt I'll tune in. Sorry, Tyra!


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thequeenbee thequeenbee 8 years
the same stuff happen every season but i'm still addicted! (eep!)
KoKoZhott KoKoZhott 8 years
I think it has taken over my brain. Whenever there is a marathon on, I still watch. Well, sometimes, because if Cycle 1,4 or 5 is on, I don't watch. I think I've had my fill of those marathons. Also, if they decide to re-air Cycle 9, that one can go as well. I love the show though. Can't miss a thing. Gotta love DVR.♥
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 8 years
I watch it BECAUSE Tyra is batsh*t crazy! :ROTFL:
wtimioz wtimioz 8 years
I used to love it but its sorta over-rated now
sugoionna09 sugoionna09 8 years
I love it. I just want to see the crazy stuff they have to do and compare every girl to last season's ladies!
nrmunch55 nrmunch55 8 years
Tyra is nutso!
nrmunch55 nrmunch55 8 years
Tyra is nutso!
cottonpoots cottonpoots 8 years
There's something appealing about this show, even if a majority of the winners don't seem to fully benefit from it. It has its moments, but you can find that with every other reality TV show.
lilprisci lilprisci 8 years
I actually never watched the first 9 "cycles" so there's absolutely no chance I'll be watching this one.
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 8 years
It's trash.
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 8 years
It's trash.
mletrav mletrav 8 years
I'll keep watching, except for this week - Project Runway beats ANTM any day.
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 8 years
For me I like the show but it depends on the season - some seasons I don't watch really at all bc it is boresville - depends on the girls I guess and the writing of course
x_juicyfruit x_juicyfruit 8 years
I watch it sometimes. I'm not as into it as I used to be. I'm usually watching American Idol around that time, and I forget to DVR it. :p
Elainef Elainef 8 years
Tyra is a good host compared to all the other model hosts out there now!
liciababe liciababe 8 years
i used to watch it all the time and it has always been kinda hokey but last season was such bullshit that i won't watch it again
jasmint jasmint 8 years
I've watched the show religiously since season 1, but last season left me feeling really disappointed and annoyed. Still, I had planned on starting this season but plum forgot it had started already. Maybe I'll make an effort to catch it on a rerun, or maybe I'll do something more productive with my time.
Dbtabm Dbtabm 8 years
I watch the Bravo show but real models are boring:) I prefer the train wrecks on good old ANTM!
infamouspopee infamouspopee 8 years
I've gone over to the BRAVO side. I have watched every season of ANTM, but this one, and I'm over it. I don't see how anyone can take this show even the least bit seriously anymore.
puddlesworth puddlesworth 8 years
used to think it was cool, now I'm tired of it...isnt there like 10 seasons now?
Claire-Underwear Claire-Underwear 8 years
The show has become a parody of itself. None of the Top Model winners have become supermodels. But I still watch.
fifthofapril fifthofapril 8 years
I have always been a fan of this show until this season. I don't think any of the girls are pretty nor do any of them having outstanding personalities (yet that I've seen). My boyfriend walked in the middle of Girlicious (thinking it was Top Model) and said that all of the models this season were really pretty. Then, he realized it wasn't Top Model. I'm not going to be watching too much of this.
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 8 years
still watch it, sill love it and Wednesday is a sh!thole as far as TV is concerned anyway.
bhilb bhilb 8 years
I watch ANTM *because* it is such a ridiculous show. It's the same thing every cycle, except that Tyra gets crazier and crazier. Rich at does a fantastic (and HILARIOUS) recap of the show if you like the show for its camp factor.
PinkTink707 PinkTink707 8 years
I feel that it has become so predictable... they always pick the blonde who seems dumb, the awkward girl who has "it", the exotic girl, the plus size "not so plus size" girl, and the bitchy girl who "knows" she is going to win (although she is really only on for drama. The rest are filler. Ugh - no more Top Model for me...unless my only other option is staring at a wall....
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