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their big fat freak necklaces

Vandevorst_neklaus >> Dear Filip Arickx and An Vandevorst... or should I say A.F. Vandevorst,

You have created a monster.  And by a monster, I mean a necklace that looks like its about to eat the model.  I'm surprised that she can even hold that thing up, being it's so heavy, and she's so light.  What would Wilma FlintstoneBetty_wilma  have to say about all of this?  I mean, it's one thing that you steal her tattered white dress and her big honkin' necklace, but did you have to go and make her best friend Betty's dress into a jacket?  Come on, guys, that's just down right cold.  Not to mention the lack of originality -- it's pretty bad when you have to steal style ideas from a couple of stone-age cartoons.  Think modern times, guys, that means in the now.  Not when people's foreheads jutted out like cliffs.  Guess we'll just have to wait all the way until Spring/Summer 2006 to see if you can do it.

I'll be waiting (not),


Dear Nina Neretina and Donis Pouppis (aka Nina Donis),Ninad_neklaus_1

I must comment on the quality of your products.  You let this necklace be sold to this poor, naive woman, when clearly it is flawed.  But I'm being too nice.  Flawed doesn't even begin to describe the problem we have here.  I mean, Jesus in a jumpsuit, the thing has a tumor growing on it!  You gotta take care of these things, guys, tumors don't just disappear if you close your eyes and wish them away.  This calls for some serious surgery and follow-up chemotherapy.  Stat!  We can't have your so-called creations exploding festering pus all over their wearers!  So call 911!  Or at least call this woman and inform her that she has some serious fashion victim potential.  I mean, chunky necklaces are good, but bigger is not better.  No way, no how.  And coming from a Texan, that's saying a lot.

Yee haw,



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