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it's a cinch

it's a cinch

Belt1 >>  So again on the Victorian influence I've been feeling:  their emphasis on the waistline is really starting to filter its way into my dress.  Which is why I've suddenly become obsessed with with these big, wide belts -- corset belts, to be exact.  AMA Handmade has some beautiful waist cinchers (left), and from what I can see, ebay has some interesting stock as well.  Perfect for feminizing that shirt dress we were talking about the other day. 

Bustle There's another waist-centric accessory that has been intriguing me -- the bustle.  Also Victorian influence, bustles have been in the back of my mind ever since I saw this YSL one in Nylon back in March.  I came across this taffeta belt (right) today at Yoox -- kind of a modern-day bustle.  I'm really tempted, but I'm not sure it's a $75-down-the-hole type of temptation.  I guess I'll just leave it the decision in limbo for a while more.   


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