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oh h&m, you shouldn't have...

oh h&m, you shouldn't have...

Gold_puffer_1 >>  If someone wanted to give you a gift every day for 24 days, would you turn them down?  Nah, I wouldn't either. 
From today (December 1) until December 24, H&M is proposing to do just that, with their "Gift of the Day" in-store offer -- a new "gift" will be available each day for an extremely discounted price.  Today's gift, for example, is a gold puffer jacket, originally available for about $60, marked down to $19.90. 
From the first six gifts that have been revealed so far (which you can see on the H&M website), my personal favorites are the December 3 gift -- this fantastic lace overlay poofy party dress (it satiates my appetite for transparency that has been tickling me lately) and the December 5 gift -- a leather jacket to go with the Wayfarers -- I've been having a Bob Dylan moment.


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