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Kate Middleton
21 Bold Kate Middleton Outfits That Probably Weren't Queen Approved
Gigi Hadid and Kate Middleton Have These Fashion Jeans in Common
Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton's Athleisure Style Is Definitely Queen Approved
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Both go short and red — Sienna with black tights, Alexa with sleeves and statement jewels.

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pss pss 5 years
I can't choose, both are my favourites. But in this slideshow Alexa totally beats Sienna (20-5). You picked great Alexa's looks and not that good for Sienna. But in general, like I said really difficult choice.
nikkeeb nikkeeb 5 years
ooo...tough choice, but amazing slideshow! SO many fab looks from both girls!!
water-lily water-lily 5 years
Going in I thought Alexa who? But She narrowly beat out Sierra, due to her current accessories.